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   Sam Houston Area Council - Golden Arrow District

 Houston, Texas

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Welcome Scouts and Parents ...

Updated: Friday April 18, 2014



Scout Records Updated:  4/18/14

Troop Calendar - Click Here

Meetings, Events & Campouts



Eagle Scout Project:  Austin Paull

When:  May 10 - 9am to 4pm

Where:  Austin's home:

6135 Doliver Drive

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High Adventure Sign ups below.

Camping/Events for 2013 - 2014

September 20, Family Campout

  - Campmaster, Leisz Family

October 18, Kayaking Campout

  - Campmaster, Ben Royce

November 8, Sailing, Kayaking, Fishing

  - Campmaster, Antonio Salman

December 1, Greenery Sales

  - Campmaster, Monteith Burrow

December 7, Shooting Day

  - Campmaster, Andy Tower

December 22, Ben's Party

  - Campmaster, Sheila Mayfield

January 11, Pioneering

  - Campmaster, Peter Wells

January 18, Twin Bayou First Aid Meet

January 27, Court of Honor

February 2, Scout Sunday

  - Campmaster, Grant Robertson

February 8, Patrol Competition

  - Campmaster, Chris Nevins

February 22, Laser Quest

  - Campmaster, Andrew Roff

March 8, E-Rock

  - Campmaster, Walter Schroeder

March 29, Merit Badge Fair

  - Campmaster, Tonya Judah

April 5, Campout

  - Campmaster, Dave Locascio

April 12, Scout Fair

  - Campmaster, Andrew Roff

May 12, Court of Honor

May 3, Backpacking

  - Campmaster, David Nockholds

June 29 - July 4, Camp Hale

  - Campmaster, Kendall Miller

July ??, High Adventure

August ??, High Adventure


High Adventure Trips - 2014


15 June, 2014 - NOC (Kayaking in NC)

Campmaster, Robert Wagnon

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29 June, 2014 - Camp Hale, Summer Camp.  To Sign Up, Click Here.


18 July, 2014 - Philmont Backpacking.

Campmaster, Jeff Judah 

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2 August, 2014 - Sawtooth Mountain.

Campmaster, John Nash

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Camping Credits - Same as Cash

To utilize camping credits please print, fill out the attached voucher click here and present it to the Troop Scribe to pay for the event.  posted 11/04/13


Scout Name Troop Bucks Camping Credits Balance 10/21/13
Blackwell, Philip $19
Brown, Patrick 177
Burke, Worthley 396
Burrow, Woodley 0
Burt, Raybourne 251
Cozby, Joe 8
Desenberg, Ryder 20
DeWalch, Binz 20
Fetterley, Adrian 96
Finch, Charles 38
Garrison, Thomas 20
Gilliam, Connor -28
Hamilton, Henry 74
Hamilton, Robert 71
Hardaway, Joshua -21
Hellmund, Guillermo 64
Judah, Drew 24
Kennedy, William 270
Leyh, Chris 37
Miller, Austin 41
Miller, Marshall 139
Mings, Mason 36
Monteith, Colin -53
Navarette, Santiago 82
Padon, Benjamin 121
Paull, Austin 57
Peckham, Kincaid 208
Reid, Harrison 178
Robertson, Justice 147
Royce, Robert 1034
Rudin, Cameron 168
Salman, Antomio -9
Saville, Zach 682
Schroeder, Brian 0
Segal, Sam 220
Sellers, Reed 23
Smith, Phillip 0
Stratton, Phillip 117
Stone, William 92
Taylor, Barrett 561
Taylor, Grant 306
Thomas, Sellers 68
Tower, Buck 117
Wagnon, Joseph 0
Wagnon, Reagor 463
Wells, William 6
Wilson, Welcome 972



General Announcements

Troop Bucks Updated.  See ranking of new amounts below. Use funds to pay for campouts.  posted 11/04/13

Twin Bayou District Website:  Click Here


Advancement Leadership

Mr. Wagnon - Thoughts on Leading

Tonya Judah - Rank Advancement Records and Activities such as merit badges and camping nights.

Elizabeth Vail - Medical forms,

Georgia Baker - New Scout/Adult Liaison,

Nancy DeWalch - Adult & Scout New Registration.

Julia Rudin - Schedules Board of Reviews.

Mary Lou Leyh - Provides Court of Honor


Rachel Deskin - Adult Training and Merit Badge Counselors.

updated 11/11/13

Scoutmaster Conferences  *****

Scouts wishing to schedule a Scout Master Conference for Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class or Star may contact any of the following Assistant Scout Masters: Messrs. DeWalch, Glickman, Gilliam, Hardaway, Judah, Nash, Nevins, Paull or Peckham.  The ranks of Life and Eagle require a conference with Mr. Wagnon

Arrange your conference by email.  Ensure you present yourself in a Class A Shirt, with your book, individual history report and any materials required to demonstrate the required skills, compass, rope or bandages.

posted 1/24/14

Emergency Mobilization Plan at Campout - Click Here.

Emergency Mobilization Plan in Town - Click Here. posted 2/17/10

+ Requirements for Medical Forms

Medical forms are needed for all campouts and must be signed by a doctor.  See "Medical Forms" link on left menu for full details.  Give medical forms to Elizabeth Vail at a scout meeting or:

  • Mail to: 5106 Doliver, Houston, TX  77056

  • Email to:

  • Questions? Call Elizabeth at 713-899-4990

  updated 11/11/13

Ten Essentials of Hiking - Click Here posted 1/27/09

To reserve a room at St Martin's for an event:  the Island, Activity Center, Scout Center, Click Here.  updated 10/6/09

Scout Center Access - Click Here for new procedure. updated 10/6/09

Key Leadership Positions, 11/1/13

SPL - Philip Blackwell

ASPL - Matthew Deskin

Bugler - Binz DeWalch

Chaplains Aide - Connor Gilliam

Den Chiefs - William Stone, Jaime Mosley, Alexander Nevins

Alexander Nevins 354

Historian - Colin Montieth

Leave No Trace Trainer - Robert Hamilton

Librarian - Wesley House

OA Rep - Adrian Fetterley

Quartermasters - Binz DeWalch, Brian Schroeder, Joseph Wagnon - responsible for troop gear and patrol boxes.

Scribe - Drew Judah - collects money for campouts.  Give payment at troop meeting.

Troop Guides - Patrick Brown, Raybourne Burt, Antonio Salaman - assist new scouts on campouts and helps them advance.

Webmaster - Kincaid Peckham - Announces website changes to the scouts

updated 10/30/12

Campout Attendance Policy

Life Scouts need to follow the policy to advance.  Scouts with leadership positions need to follow the policy to get credit for their position.

Click Here  posted 5/27/09

How to Earn Merit Badges

Cima Summer Camp is the best way to earn merit badges You can earn 5 - 7 merit badges in one week.

Merit Badge Fairs allow you to earn one or two merit badges in one day.  They are offered in the spring and fall by the Golden Arrow District. posted 3/14/08

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has published its summer merit badge program. For information, Click Here posted 3/5/08

The Medical Museum offers merit badges.

High Adventure Scholarships

High Adventure Trips are a distinguishing aspect of the Troop 354 experience.  The Troop 354 Foundation was established to provide full or partial scholarships to scouts that wish to participate in high adventure trips, but may lack the financial resources.


Scouts that require financial assistance should fill out this form Click Here and give it to Mr. Royce for review.  Scholarships will remain confidential.  Parents or others that wish to contribute to the foundation may send a check to:


Troop 354 Foundation

C/O Mr. Phil Smith, Treasurer 

6150 Willers Way

Houston, TX 77057 updated 5/3/11

No Trace Camping Policy

All campouts from now on will be NO TRACE.   This means that all participants, adults included, must bring their own cup, spoon, plate, etc.   The troop will no longer provide any paper goods or plastic wear for adults or anyone else. 

We will practice the 3 pot clean up, Hot soapy water in #1, hot water rinse in #2, cool/Clorox water in #3. 

Everyone should use Lexan or other reusable items.

Ben Royce, SM

Service hours are to be earned by helping with Eagle Scout Projects.  Any exceptions need to be pre-approved by the Scoutmaster.  See full announcement bottom right.


High Adventure Payment Policy

There will be a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $200 at the time of signup for a High Adventure Trip in order to hold your place.  If you do not pay the $200 Hold-Your-Place Deposit you will not be considered signed up even though you may have signed up on the web site. You may pay by monthly installments starting with the month of sign up or you may pay the estimated amount of the trip in full; however, the entire amount must be PAID-IN-FULL on or before 30 days prior to departure.

Click Here for cancellation policy and full details.

Scout Center Access - Click Here for new procedure. updated 10/5/09

Tax Exempt- The troop has a Tax Exempt Certificate for purchasing materials and supplies for campouts, high adventure trips and Eagle scout projects.  Be sure to let the cashier know before your order is rung up that you have a tax exempt certificate.  Some stores have their own form for you to fill out.  Click Here


No Cell Phones at Campouts

No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed at troop campouts.

Website Notes:

Want to send an email to the troop?  Email


Group Email

To sign yourself up for group email, Click Here.

Not Getting Troop Email?

Some filtering software like AOL parental controls or Cybersitter will prevent group email from getting to you. Check the settings on your PC and then re-subscribe. Remember to reply to the confirmation email.


Click here for the annual calendar.








Life to Eagle Scout:

Back to School... Put Eagle Rank on you list of things to do.

Note: the Eagle Rank Application form is new as of 9/5/13

The one-page chart is an overview of the steps to earn your Eagle Rank. 

One-page chart Click Here

The links below provide the detailed information you will need to plan and implement your Eagle Scout project...

Life to Eagle Manual Click Here

Eagle Candidate Seminar Click Here

Eagle Project Workbook 2013 Click Here

Project Initial Proposal Form Click Here

Eagle Rank Application 2013 Click Here

Before you begin your project ... Contact Life-To-Eagle coach Graham Gilliam at


Our troop has been named a certifying organization for The President's Volunteer Service Award. 

Scouts can earn this award by volunteering at school, church, the troop, etc.

Scouts 14 and younger need 50 hours within a 12-month period.

Scouts 15 and older need 100 hours within a 12-month period.

Login in to to read about the award.  Select the tab "Track Your Hours" to keep a record of your hours.  For 14 and under, register where is says 14 and older, but be sure to check off age 14 on Step #3.  Our Record of Service Key is NCT-56313.  Be sure to add this # in the box on your registration page because this # will connect you to our scout troop and enable me to see your hours.  Please also submit to me a written record of service hours with a signature from someone at the organization if the service hours are not performed at a Troop 354 event. 


Award recipients will receive a personalized certificate of achievement, a letter from the President of the United States, and an official President's Award pin.


I would like Scouts to email me after they register so that I can make sure I am able to track their hours.  

Start Volunteering!  We want to distribute a lot of these awards at our Court of Honors!

Margaret Pfeiffer

Eagle Palms:

Attention all Eagle Scouts not yet 18:

If you have at least 26 merit badge badges, and it has been 3 months since your Eagle Board of Review (it has been for all), you have earned your first Eagle Palm (first rank beyond Eagle). You should fill out the Eagle Palm application here (easy, just one page) and schedule a scoutmaster conference with Mr. Royce.  The sooner you get this done the better, so you can earn more palms. You can earn a palm for each 5 merit badges beyond the 21 required for Eagle, but 3 months must pass between each one. Attached is the Palm application from the Sam Houston Area Council website. Print it out and fill it out before scheduling with Mr. Royce. If you don't have a copy of your Eagle application, and thus don't know which merit badges you listed for Eagle, let me know and we'll figure it out together.


Scoutmaster Conference - Requirements

A scout must always take his handbook. The SM and ASM should not begin a SMC without the handbook and correct uniform.  Be responsible.  posted updated 4/17/12

Some Scoutmaster conferences take longer than others. Conferences for First Class, Star, and Life are usually longer than those of earlier ranks. Don't be surprised if your conference requires 2 sessions on different days. Scouts should practice Scout stuff so they'll "be prepared."

It is the scout’s responsibility to submit the necessary documentation for rank advancement.  After your BOR, make a copy of the left and right page for your new rank with all dates and signatures visible and give to Mrs. Leisz.  She will enter your new rank in TroopMaster so it will be published to the web.  updated 2/17/11


Service Hours

Service hours are to be earned by helping with Eagle Scout Projects.  Any exceptions need to be pre-approved by the Scoutmaster.  After-the-fact does not count. A prepared Scout can present the Scoutmaster with a handwritten page describing an upcoming service project in 2 sentences for his signature.

Announcement - 2/26/07

Adult Training Opportunities

Help your scout and the troop by becoming a TRAINED adult.  Troop 354 encourages all parents to learn more about scouting and participate in outdoor adventures by taking a few courses.  These courses give adults a good foundation of 1) what scouting is all about, 2) boy-led leadership, 3) advancement progression and importantly, 4) safety.


All adults must have YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING if working with youth whether camping or teaching a merit badge.  To attend campouts, the troop requests that you take SAFE SWIM and SAFETY AFLOAT.  These three courses are taught online.  Check out the "Training" link in the left menu.  Or go to the council’s website and hit their TRAINING button and then link to Online Training.  Online Training now has courses for Youth Protection, Safe Swim, Safety Afloat, BOY SCOUT LEADERS ORIENTATION and TROOP COMMITTEE CHALLENGE.

The troop highly recommends taking SCOUTMASTER SPECIFIC and INTRODUCTION OF OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SKILLS to fully understand boy scouting.  These courses teach the skills scouts are expected to master and completing the courses will greatly enhance your ability to keep your scout on track through the program.  (These courses are required to participate in high adventure treks.) 

Last but not least, the troop always needs Merit Badge Counselors.  We strongly recommend that all counselors take MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR ORIENTATION.  It is a short overview of the merit badge philosophy and expectations. 

As you take these courses, always secure your certification card and submit a COPY to Edie Saville.  You can email to or mail to 5401 Inwood, Houston, TX  77056. 



Updated: Friday April 18, 2014